Your windows need to be fully serviced. They need to be dismantled, eased, adjusted, re-aligned, re-corded and re-assembled, and have a brush pile draught sealing system installed. Not only will this improve their smooth movement, it will also guard against rattling and draughts. Both top and bottom sashes are designed to slide up and down the whole length of the box frame. This enables greater ventilation in warm weather: with both top and bottom sashes open the warm air rises out through the top sash opening and is replaced by cooler air through the bottom sash opening. Full movement also makes it easier for painting and maintenance.

Normally the time period taken for sash window renovation or major repair is 2 to 4 windows per day, but then the time may vary depending on the extent of the repairs with full restoration taking considerably longer.

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The double glazed units are slim and comprise of a soft-coat glass namely PLANITHERM Total+ (one of the most energy efficient on the market today). As well as its high performance values, it is also has one of the clearest look through qualities available.

Recycle your existing box frames. Performs like a complete replacement sash window – without the cost and disruption! Using the original box frames you can have a pair of double glazed sash windows built & installed – double glazed sash windows maintain the original look for your period property, greatly reduce condensation & improve draught/noise exclusion.

Our Restoration method also applies to casement windows and doors alike.

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