Draught Proofing


How we install our draught proofing system

  • Dismantling of the window Checking cleaning and lubricating the pulleys
  • Weighing the sashes and checking the weights for counter-balance
  • Scraping away the paint on areas that obstruct the movement of the sashes
  • Rout in brush strips to the upper and meeting rails
  • Re-cording the window with cotton wax sash cord and correct weights
  • Renew all parting bead and staff beads with a draught inlaid carrier bead
  • Re-fit sashes in alignment with the beading
  • Paint all exposed timber with white primer and finish making good of all work
  • Wax and check for operation

We always come to your home for a free site survey and this is always carried out by Louis Brett, the owner of Meridian Windows and he will always be on site to carry out this work.

Eliminating draughts and rattles

Draughts can be a major source of discomfort in older buildings which often results in the heating being turned up or run for longer. Homes can lose around 15-20% of their heat via draughts in windows and doors so eliminating them is a major step forward in energy saving.

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Older buildings in particular suffer from draughts as windows and doors distort and warp over time and never quite fit as well as when they were first installed. However, there are many ways sash window repairs tackles draughts and such work can pay for itself very quickly. Not only will these measures save you energy and money but they need not damage the historic character of your building.

Draught-proofing is one of the cheapest and least intrusive methods of improving the thermal performance of windows and doors and the costs can be quickly recovered by the energy savings.

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